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3 mountain climber variations to try

Let's talk turkey.  It's that time of year again, where we binge, bloat and bust off the top button of our pants like a celebratory cork popping on New Year's Eve.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get a turkey leg up on your fitness before the month long feast ahead. Carve your body before your bird with this convenient calorie crushing Mountain Climber routine that can be done anywhere, at anytime.  After that second slice of pumpkin pie, you'll be happy you did.

Mountain Climbers are a compound exercise, which means they work several muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in a higher caloric burn in less time.  In order to achieve great results, you have to perfect your form first.  For the following exercises, the body will be in a plank position. Maintain a flat back, tight glutes and an engaged core throughout the duration of this circuit.  If you feel that your form is fluctuating, take a moment to rest before resuming this resistance routine.

Plank Climber

Step 1.  Begin in a forearm plank position
Step 2.  Keep your body steady as you use the oblique muscles to pull the right knee up toward the ribs
Step 3. Stay on the same side for 12-15 repetitions, then switch

Plyo Spider

Step 1. Start in a hand plank position
Step 2. Jump the right foot up toward the right palm
Step 3. Alternate to the opposite side and do the same motion 12-15 times

Note: When alternating from side to side, do not let the hips droop and keep the shoulders aligned above the wrists. When the body gets tired, your form can become messy. Take a moment to rest if this happens before resuming the exercise.


Step 1. Position the body so the hands are below the shoulders and the body is forming a diagonal line from the palms to the feet
Step 2. Perform a standard mountain climber by thrusting one knee up toward the chest and then push the leg back toward the starting position. Repeat with the other knee.
Step 3. As you continue alternating the movement with both knees, start to move your feet in a semi-circle around the hands.
Step 4. Then run the legs back toward the start

Repeat Circuit 3 times

Looking good for the holiday season is as simple as pumpkin pie.

Earn it.

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