All week long, Major League Baseball teams around the country have been honoring the Boston Marathon bombing victims and the city itself. One way they've done so is by playing 'Sweet Caroline', a Neil Diamond hit that became an unofficial Boston Red Sox anthem during the 7th-inning stretch.

Now runners in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run have a movement 'afoot' to honor the victims by wearing red socks ("Red Sox") during the 10-mile journey down Philadelphia's main thoroughfare on May 5.

The idea is spreading through word of mouth and via a Facebook page that already has 334 members and is growing by the hour. Members are sharing their own plans, as well as places to buy red socks that are conducive to distance running. Some participants plan to wear socks with the Red Sox' logo, while others are going with a plain sock. The key here is the color.

"Spread the word, or post this as your status if you have time," organizer Vince Varallo wrote this morning. "40,000 runners and countless volunteers in red socks would be amazing."

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