Osayi Osunde, founder of Fit Academy and co-founder of Optimum Fit USA, believes that having fun and networking should be a big part of your fitness experience and that is why he makes sure to incorporate them into his Fit Academy outdoor boot camps held in the Art Museum area throughout the week. Sessions are either led by Osunde or by a few other Fit Academy coaches.

"Building community is key," Osunde told Philly.com. "I refer to my group as Fit Fam – we all come from different backgrounds but fitness is what gels us together. It is a great way to meet new people and explore Philly."

Each hour-long session, usually held in the early morning or evening, is a balance of sports-driven exercise, full body plyometrics, cardio and high intensity interval strength training. Osunde pulls a lot of methodology from sports, strength training and yoga. "It is a high intensity, full body workout and every single one is different," he explained.

On Saturdays, Fit Academy also offers Fit Runs, 3 to 4 mile timed runs that incorporate various workouts along scenic routes like Kelly Drive or the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

On what makes his boot camp so different from all the others out there he said, "It is very challenging. Other boot camps try to cater to everyone, but with ours, no matter who you are – pro or not – the workout is tough. At the end of it, you will walk away smiling, saying 'This is awesome!'"

Another great thing about these workouts is the view. Most of them occur in front or behind the Art Museum or the nearby area.

"Philly is really unique with all its amazing scenery. It brings a new dynamic to the workout. Plus the Art Museum area is a popular place for fitness classes so you never feel judged by anyone," he added.

Bonding during the workouts is only one part of the social aspect of Fit Academy. They also host get-togethers like their recent City Sports Elite Athlete Event at the City Sports in Center City for some shopping, fitness advice, free food and DJ. This week, they will be hanging out at the Eagles' open practice.

As a National Physique Committee competitor, former NFL football player for the Green Bay Packers and captain of the 2009 Villanova University National Championship Football Team, Osunde understands the challenges of living the health and fitness lifestyle.

"Humans are creatures of habit and this is the number one reason people don't progress. In sports, you need to practice to get better, and in work it is the same thing, to progress in your career, you need to increase your challenges at work. Well, it is the same thing in fitness. You need to challenge yourself to change."

While Osunde believes strongly that you should never be afraid of change, he explained that consistency is also important. You need to commit to a fitness routine, but when you hit a plateau, you need to be willing to change things up. Fit Academy offers testing through the Fit Combine to benchmark your progress.

Fit Academy's outdoor camps generally run from mid March to the end of November when classes tend to move indoors. This winter they hope to find a bigger space to accommodate these types of workouts.

You can join in on the fitness fun at Fit Academy either through single session drop-in rates or monthly unlimited passes. Optimum Fit USA, which Osayi co-founded with his brother Osagie, founder and present of Muscle Gauge Nutrition and running back coach and head strength and conditioning coach for West Chester University Football, also offers meal plans, fitness coaching and individualized "Fit Packages" that the coaches can build to specifically meet your fitness goals.

Check out their Facebook Page for the most up-to date schedule information.

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