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Spartan Race Training: Week 6

You are climbing. You are increasing your capacity to race. And one can only hope you are yodeling along the way.

I'm sure you've watched the Price is Right. Do you remember the yodeling mountain climber from the Cliff Hangers game?

Yeah, that's you right now.

You are climbing. You are increasing your capacity to race. And one can only hope you are yodeling along the way.

First order of business: a brief and brutal conditioning drill video from yours truly. It has a Halloween theme, but it was recorded for your Spartan Race training. If you can get your hands on a rope, knock it out this week.

Now for the main event.

Forty Minutes to Freedom

From 30-minutes last week to 40-minutes this week. The climb is sublime.

Repeat the following circuit AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) within the 40-minutes:

  1. Run .4 miles

  2. 30 high knees

  3. 30 walking lunges

  4. 30 butt kickers

  5. Run .2 miles

  6. 30 rabbit hops

  7. 30 burpees

  8. 30 side-to-side shuffles

Workout Rules:

1. Exercise Explanations:

  1. High Knees: Fire your knees as high as you can get them while moving forward. Each side counts as one.

  2. Walking Lunges: Take long strides forward, drop straight down and straight up with pressure through ball-to-heel of your front foot, bring your rear knee close to "kissing" the ground. Each side counts as one.

  3. Butt Kickers: While moving forward, bring your foot up and back (literally try to kick yourself in the butt). Each side counts as one.

  4. Rabbit Hops: Imagine your ankles are glued together. Reach towards the sky and hop on two feet while moving forward.

  5. Burpees: No explanation necessary, right?

  6. Side-to-Side Shuffles: Turn sideways, sit into a half squat position, and move laterally from left to right. At a 15 count, turn to face the other way and continue to 30.

2. Move Constantly. Fight the urge to stop and rest. If you are winded and fatigued, slow down, but try not to stop!

3. Choose Indoors or Outdoors.
If the weather is on your side, always mimic the race and exercise outdoors. Indoors is your backup plan.

4. Estimate the Mile Counts. If you are using a treadmill it's a non-issue. If you are outdoors and running around a park, use 4 sides of the park (one full lap) as .4 miles and 2 sides as .2 miles.

5. Burpee Exemption. This workout counts as a 3-day break from your daily burpee volume

6. Yodel with Satisfaction. If you can do this, you can do the Spartan Race. Period.

You are one month away from glory Spartans! We'll see you here next week for step seven.

Roger Dickerman is co-owner of Relentless Fitness.

Every Thursday leading up to the Spartan Race on November 14, Roger will be submitting exclusive posts to specifically tailored to get you ready for the obstacle course at Citizen's Bank Park. If you'd like to become part of the team, or just want to help donate to the nonprofit they're supporting (Steve's Club), you can get more information here.

Our Team Relentless philosophy is simple: Think bigger on behalf of yourself and others. No matter what route you choose – whether it's solely using these workouts to better your health, training and racing alongside Relentless, or funding a Steve's Club teenager – it's all good. Get involved, and stay relentless! 

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