Spartan Race day is random.

You don't know exactly what is coming and you, and you don't know exactly when it's coming at you. This creates an extra layer of uncertainty and an extra layer of stress.

How do you train for it?

At Relentless Fitness one of our favorite ways is with a simple deck of playing cards.

Create a card deck workout with these rules:

  1. Match the 4 card suits to 4 race-related exercises.

  2. Do the number listed on the card. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are 10. Aces are 12.

  3. Assign the 2 Jokers a very challenging 5th exercise and repetition count (e.g. 30 burpees).

  4. Make 2 of the main exercises difficult and outside your comfort zone.

  5. Make 2 of the main exercises easier, more comfortable motions.

  6. Be as well rounded as possible. Mix and match upper body, lower body, and core. If possible, balance anterior and posterior (front and back).

  7. Recruit a friend, and if you want to get competitive see who completes more cards in your allotted time.

Today you get a double bonus. The first workout is completely bodyweight and geared toward the great outdoors. The second workout leverages a few pieces of equipment. If you're a real baller, complete them both this week.

Texas Hold-Nothing-Back
Format: Work hard for 45-minutes. Your first 15-minutes are moderately paced. Your final 30-minutes are "race pace" - empty the tank!

  • HEARTS: Inchworms + 1 push-up at the base of each

  • DIAMONDS: Dips (use any platform or park bench)

  • SPADES: Jumping squats

  • CLUBS: .2 mile or 2 city block run (disregard card number, anything of this suit is the .2 miles)

  • JOKERS: 30 burpees

Five Exercise Stud
Format: Complete 6 rounds of 5:00 hard work + 1:00 rest.

  • HEARTS: Hand-release push-ups

  • DIAMONDS: Jumping pull-ups (use reasonable height platform as a jumping assist)

  • SPADES: Goblet squats (hold weight at chest level - suggestion: guys 20lbs. and gals 10lbs.)

  • CLUBS: Deadlifts (hold 2 dumbbell weights at sides - suggestion: guys 20lbs. each and gals 10lbs. each)

  • JOKERS: 1-mile run

Now shuffle up and deal!

The more comfortable you are with the unexpected, the more comfortable you race. Respect the power of random, and get after it Team Relentless! We'll see you next week for step eight on Spartan road.

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