Were you not among the lucky lottery winners for the Broad Street Run? Don't lose hope just yet, because there are still opportunities to get a BSR bib. Einstein Healthcare Network still has openings on #TeamEinstein, but you have to commit to either making a donation to or raising money for the Albert Einstein Society.

While it might seem like a huge commitment, what could be better than combining your competitive drive with your desire to help others? Studies again and again point to evidence that proves that generosity is good for our health as well as our soul so joining the Broad Street Run as a member of #TeamEinstein is a win-win situation. You need to hurry up though because according to Caren Moskowitz, senior director of development at Einstein Healthcare Network, only about half of their bibs are left.

The commitment

You have two choices.  You can either make an individual donation of a minimum of $500 to the Albert Einstein Society or you can raise the funds through family and friends.

The thank you

As a thank you for joining the team, the Albert Einstein Society is offering you a couple of extra bonuses. Besides an entry bib for the Broad Street Run, you will receive two VIP passes to the finish line hospitality tent, a parking pass, team t-shirt and a goodie bag. You will also receive a ticket to the Albert Einstein Society Dinner at The Four Seasons on June 4. It's time to get out the dresses and tuxes.

The Albert Einstein Society

The Albert Einstein Society was started over forty years ago by a group of philanthropists who wanted to identify and encourage visionaries in the Einstein community to make new advancements in science and medicine. So far more than $9 million has been awarded to Einstein Healthcare Network physicians. The society recently funded a research grant to examine the possible uses of RELEAS, a sprint invented by Joseph Padova, an occupational therapist at MossRehab, for stroke patients. This splint helps restore hand function for individuals who have lost the ability to open and close a hand due to a stroke or other neurological problem.

"This society is very unique," explained Moskowitz, "It is almost like an internal foundation raising money from the community, our board, and employees to help support the research and innovations of our employees."

"It is a great way to encourage our employees to think outside the box," she added.

You don't have to be a member of the Einstein Healthcare Network to join #TeamEinstein though. To learn more about the team and how you can participate, visit advance.einstein.edu.