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Biking millennials? Nope

The next generation of leaders prefers cars to bikes, believe it or not

I've been reading so much about how young people love bikes and hate cars, I was almost ready to believe it.

Almost, but not quite.

i do believe "youth" today is less entranced with my cars than my (or any) generation. I think that's because due to the Bush/Obama economy, they don't believe they will be able to afford cars. Or ever pay off their student loans. Or maybe they believe cars are polluters (they are, but less so than ever before -- take a look at the MPG you get, and that'll be going up due to new federal rules.)

All to the good. Also good (to me) was a survey done by Philadelphia magazine in which millennials were celebrated.

Here is one part of the survey that caught my eye. Question was how important do you consider owning the following?

VERY: Cars, 47.3%; TVs, 43.7%.

SOMEWHAT: Homes, 42.7%

NOT AT ALL: Bicycles, 41.5%.

Now, you could read that as meaning 59.1% think it is important (but you'd be wrong).