I am sick, as someone who is reflexively pro-cop, by the freak show of unquestionably dirty cops getting their badges and guns and salaries back.
There must have been a huge party last night at whatever bar the accused dirt bags hang out at, laughing at the system. They probably felt free to fill their pockets with bar-top munchies and pinch any waitress within reach. They are asbestos -- fireproof.
When I say I am reflexively pro-cop, I mean GOOD cop, which I still believe to be a majority of the men and women on the force, even as more and more of them seem to wind up in a lineup.
This case -- following solid reporting by Pulitizer Prize winners Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman -- is particularly galling because of the stack of evidence against the accused. We have multiple witnesses, we have videotape, and we do not have enough evidence for a trial? Is this Mars? Looney Tunes?
These guys are nothing less than domestic terrorists.
Our gem of a D.A. called a grand jury -- based on nothing -- to look into the accidental death of a woman in attorney Chuck Peruto's home, but he can't scrape up enough on the "police officers" to present to the grand jury? And he had the nerve to criticize Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane for not indicating corrupt politicians? (For the record, Seth Williams was right about that, but he's the pot calling the kettle black.)
Predictably, and sadly, FOP President John McNesby said the cops knew "they didn't anything wrong."
They are all alone in that belief.
Since the state has been ineffective in bringing the bullies and thieves in blue to justice, all we can hope is for the decent majority of cops to shun the vermin.
I wouldn't want to handicap that one.