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5 vintage shopping destinations in the suburbs and on a budget

These five places are in the burbs, are under the radar, and have the goods at a thrifty price point.

Vintage is a style term that may seem intimidating. All it really means is old, so that's pretty broad.

It can be a lucite clutch stolen your mom wore to prom. Maybe you think of costume jewels at a swanky showroom that doesn't advertise price, so you know it's expensive. Or it could be a fabulous $3.00 serving tray that doubles as a picture frame. Let's skip those well-curated collections with hefty prices you have to ask the owner for. Instead, get thrifting. These five places are in the burbs, are under the radar, and have the goods at a thrifty price point.

1. Marian's Attic

It's small, but not cluttered. The upscale-boutique vibe makes it easy to search for a vintage gem and their price point is fair, which is good because they don't barter. Proceeds go to The Laurel House.

The Selection: Mostly clothes with some shoes and accessories, often name brand. They have a handful of home decor items.

Price Point: Fair, but not crazy cheap. Expect a shirt to be closer to $10 than $2.

My Fab Find: A Theory Blazer (looks like it was never worn!) for $15.

Address: 255 Town Center Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Thursday they're open late, till 8pm.

2. Nana's Attic

This place has a lot of clothes to sift through, but it's worth it. Like any thrift shop, it's about the hunt and you can certainly leave with something stellar and unique while helping fund the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Inc. Plus they create great displays that fit with the current style and season.

The Selection: Mostly apparel. They have some pieces of furniture and house-wear items, but clothes, shoes, and accessories make up most of the shop.

Price Point: Low and fair for thrifting. Furniture varies, but you're likely to find a cool piece at a steal.

My Fab Find: Fur shawl for only $25. Lining was ripped so I bargained the price down from $35.

Address: 1991 Sproul Rd  Broomall, PA 19008

Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9am- 5pm, 12 pm - 5pm on Sundays

3. Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop

The shop reflects the location. Property is pricey in this section of town and the donations clearly reflect the people of the area. Don't be surprised to fancy find furniture that looks like new, and luxe labels in a few garments.

The Selection: They've got quite a lot. Fancy furniture donated from Main Liners, house wears, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and a whole floor for menswear.

Price Point: Everything is priced low, with the exception of furniture. Many furniture pieces are more antique, and less fixer-uper DIY projects.

My Fab Find:  Leather Coach Crossbody for $14. It's an oldie (design), but a goodie. So good, that Coach has started selling similar styles for their Legacy line, setting you back between $200 to $400.

Address: 801 County Line Rd, Bryn Mawr

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30am. to 4:30pm.

4. The Neighborhood League

This multi-level shop has a lot to look at. The first floor showcases unique jewelry as well various house-wear items. The basement currently has a few cool rugs and artwork. Then go out the door and to your right is a door leading to an upper level carrying clothes and accessories. Or make a left, go down the alley, and there's a tiny door that feels like you're headed to a secret society and opens you to their other apparel shop called Alley Door.

The Selection: Broad. Housewares, apparel, accessories, art, some furniture.

Price Point: Fair for what you get. Not everything is ultra low, but most tags won't make you turn your nose up. Proceeds benefit various charities.

My Fab Find: $2.00 clip-on costume earrings.

Address: 191 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087

Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 1pm. Closed Sundays and major holidays.

5. The Surrey Thrift Shop

The sister store of The Surrey Consignment Shop in Berwyn is the affordable alternative to their antique counterpart. All items are donated and the staff is extra friendly.

The Selection: The place is small but jam packed. They have toys, housewares, jewelry, accessories, home decor, a whole room just for holiday items (greeting cards, Easter Baskets, decorations).

Price Point: Ultra low. All items are donated and profits benefit senior citizens in the community.

My Fab Find: An 8x10 gold frame that doubles as a tray, perfect for displaying perfume and other beauty essentials.

Address: 455 Park Way, Broomall PA

Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm.