Already pinned as one of the most notorious fashion executives in the country, Dov Charney is in hot water, yet again. The American Apparel CEO faces a new lawsuit, this time filed by a former employee.

On Wednesday, The LA Times reported that Malibu store manager Michael Bumblis filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against his former boss, alleging that he had been fired for complaining about Charney within company channels. But the accusations don't stop there.

The lawsuit includes a detailed account of how Charney, who turned up in the Malibu store for an inspection, became "visibly agitated" after he had discovered that the second floor of the store was being used as an office. To make matters worse, Charney allegedly "dove" after Bumblis, started choking him, and then proceeded to rub dirt into his employee's face. The suit maintains that Charney also used racial and homophobic slurs against Bumblis, calling him "a wannabe Jew" and a "fag."

However, American Apparel's lawyer Peter Schey states that the suit is "contrived and untrue."

"Michael Bumblis was recently terminated by American Apparel for reasons consistent with company policy," Schey said in a statement to the paper, adding that the company is "confident" the lawsuit will be dismissed.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Dov did wrong?