The Accessories Council may be based in New York, but it's run by a local woman.

Karen Giberson lives in Media, but she has been at its forefront, turning the Accessories Council into one of fashion's top trade organizations. Their picks aren't only our seasonal favorites. Their favorite designers and trendsetters actually become household names. (Giberson was all about Lady Gaga BEFORE the meat suit.)

Last night The Accessories Council presented their must-have fashion items of the 2012 holiday season to top fashion bloggers at the Manhattan Lord & Taylor flagship. The event was the top hashtag of the night in New York City.

If you want to be on the inside holiday fashion track like the others, check out this list. The cashmere ruana and the South Sea Rum are my faves.

After all, if New York is listening to our fashionable Karen Giberson, you should, too.