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Katy Perry reveals excruciating 'Vogue' diet

Makes us never want to be on the cover of Vogue. Like, ever.

Sure, Vogue cover girls are immortalized, their image slapped, on the forefront of fashion's monthly bible. But at what cost?

July issue cover girl Katy Perry revealed to Jay Leno Friday the extreme length she went to prep for the Annie Leibovitz-shot session. "I kind of went on a cleanse," she shared. "I did a lot of stuff like vitamins and supplements, I changed my coffee to green tea, I didn't drink alcohol for three months."

It's the kind of focused, masochistic diet or cleanse - whatever you may call it - that makes us want to run to the nearest Five Guys (RIP Center City) and nosh on burgers and french fries- along with a cold beer. However, we have to give Perry, who looks absolutely stunning in the issue, props for prepping for the shoot with such consistency.

"I was really in the zone," she shared. "I just wanted to be glowing for that cover."