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Keith Carlos, former Eagles player, ‘Top Model’ winner featured in NYLON

As part of his winner’s package from “America’s Next Top Model,” former Philadelphia Eagle Keith Carlos landed a spread in NYLON magazine.

As part of his winner's package from "America's Next Top Model," former Philadelphia Eagle Keith Carlos landed a spread in NYLON magazine.

Carlos is featured in the magazine's February issue alongside another model with Q&A in the magazine. Carlos, the first male "ANTM" winner, tells What was the selection process like for ANTM compared to your castings since your win?

Keith Carlos: It's a much more smooth ride. I feel like I've been there before and now I am a professional. My confidence is very strong in what I do and what I produce.

What has the reaction from your hometown been like?

It has been great! When I won America's Next Top Model, it was a breath of fresh air and I feel like it gave hope to the youth in my city. I also feel like I have become a positive role model for many people in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What do you think your biggest challenges were during the season? Have you overcome them or are you still evolving?

My biggest challenge this season was staying focused on the challenge at hand and not being distracted by outside sources. On set we were given constructive criticism by our mentors and while this bothered me, I never let them see me sweat. I quickly learned to apply these critiques to my work in order to get a better outcome.

For more of the interview and fashion spread, check out the NYLON article.