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Local lifestyle expert, Chloe Johnston, dishes on Parisian fashion and beauty

With a love of travel and a fashion background, Chloe Johnston’s company provides customized tours in Paris that specialize in the region’s art, culture, cuisine, and shopping.

My bucket list at this point in my life is relatively short (crossing off this week's to-do list is an accomplishment), but #1 on the list is a trip to Paris with my sister and mother. The food, wine, sights and, of course, fashion makes it an obvious travel destination. But, as an experienced world traveler, a personal tour guide in the City of Light is non-negotiable.

Enter local lifestyle expert, Chloe Johnston. With a love of travel and a fashion background, Johnston's company provides customized tours in Paris that specialize in the region's art, culture, cuisine, and shopping.

Hot on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, Johnston gives us a rundown of Parisian beauty, fall 2015 beauty trends and her favorite beauty products.

So you're a native Philadelphian? What part of Philadelphia are you from and have you always lived here?

I am from Devon! I moved from Lansdale to Devon when I was 14 and my parents have been here ever since. I went to college at the University of Virginia and upon graduation I moved to NYC where I attended graduate school at LIM to receive my MBA in fashion entrepreneurship. I moved back to the area about three years ago when I decided to launch my business.

Tell me about your first trip to Paris. Why did you go? Who did you go with and how old were you?

It was a family trip over Christmas when I was 12 years old. Total sensory magic…I was instantly hooked.

What were you first impressions of Paris?

I fell in love... The history, the ambiance, the winding randomness of the cobblestone streets that, the chocolate, the people, the food. And of course with my mother, the fashion which she seemed able to absorb by osmosis. I was completely fascinated.

How did you get the idea to do Paris shopping tours as a business? How often do you go to Paris?

I am in Paris about four to five times a year depending on the season, client need and/or special events there. The idea came from my capstone project during my MBA in New York. I was consistently asked where I purchased that bag, or those shoes, or that dress and the answer was always Paris. I started to realize that I had inadvertently tapped into something special and could provide women with experiences that I had been providing for myself for years.

Do the French approach beauty differently than American women?

Yes and no. French women are very conscious of their beauty regime. Without generalizing, the emphasis is on "beauty" rather than makeup. Without a great beauty regime and taking care of your skin, and I do mean all of your skin, I think that would be harder to accomplish. When you start from that vantage point, beauty products are key!

Are there any French beauty habits you've adapted over the years?

Absolutely! The obsession with cellulite has definitely rubbed off on me... I also am obsessed with French face washes!

Are there any French beauty products you can't live without?

Nuxe facial wash with the rose petals in it! Smells divine and feels great on my face. I also, of course, can't live without my cellulite cream or water biking for that matter.

Were you able to see some of the fall 2015 trends during Paris Fashion week?

I normally attend a few fashion shows, which are great. I love comparing what you see in Paris, New York, London, and Milan. Each city brings its own personality to fashion week.

What were some of the beauty trends?

A lot of fun with the eyes! Two tone liners, smudging eyeliner, 60's inspirations, and neon.

What are some of your beauty essentials you always have with you when traveling (hair, makeup and skin care)?

[My] [h]air straightener, Nuxe face washes, Jane Iredal powder, blush, mascara, with my mother's voice in my ear and my Serge Luten lipstick. Also, [I] always have Veruschka face serum and of course, I am never without my Chloe Elyce lippie, Bisous!