This year was a great year in beauty.  The beauty scene in 2014 saw the emergence metallic, pops of bold colors and natural, glowing skin.

But 2014 also had its share of beauty fails. I've personally seen enough of the extreme contouring, HD eyebrows and over lined lips in 2014 and look forward to a softer year in beauty in 2015.

I talked to five local trendsetters on what beauty trends they've seen enough of in 2014. From greasy bottoms to white powder gone wrong, here's what they had to say.

Elizabeth Wellington
Philadelphia Inquirer Fashion Columnist 

"I've truly had enough of people showing off their bootie, whether it's cheeks coming out of too-short, shorts to Rihanna's sheer CFDA dress to Kardashian's greasy end of year rump fest. I'm so over butts everywhere.  Even yogis are sticking out toned backsides.  I'm all for women power, but we are sort of bordering on disgusting.

I'm also kind of over cat eyes eyeliner – (although I love cat eye frames.) I used to think it was cool. But it takes a steady hand, or you end up with raccoon eyes; that unfortunately, I've seen way too many of.  Ick. Ick. Ick."

Carie Brescia
Celebrity and Channel 10 News Makeup Artist

"The white powder fail on the red carpet! Angelina Jolie with white powder on the side of her face. She isn't the only celebrity! It's happened to Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria and many other celebs.

The culprit? Products like Makeup Forever's HD Powder, which is a white loose powder that keeps the face matte. Turns out it's not the powder but the WAY it's applied.

It works great on top of foundation but DON'T use it to touch up after that or else you get the dreaded white powder look."

Bernadette Armstrong
Stylist at Giovanni & Pileggi

"One trend that should stay in 2014 is the rainbow hair look. For 2015, I think we'll be seeing more red tones, classic bobs, and textured waves."

Danielle Audain
Philly Fashion Blogger at

"I love that there was a revival for the thick (Cara Delevigne-esque) brows.  If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em!  If you don't, please stop excessively drawing them on and filling them in.  I would love for the "not so natural" big brows to disappear!

Another one I can't wait to see fade out is the "I just got out of the shower" (thank you Heidi Klum) wet hair look.  On the beach: yes, it makes complete sense.  For evening or everyday, it looks out of place."

Frank Rizzieri
Owner Rizzieri Salon & Spa at Moorestown Mall

"Ombre gone wrong."