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Frances Williams, lifelong educator and retired public school principal, dies at 83

She started her long career with the Philadelphia public schools as a speech teacher and eventually served as the principal at G.W. Childs Elementary School and the Audenreid cluster leader.

Amy Kaplan, noted cultural scholar and professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, dies at 66

Professor Kaplan edited and wrote several books and acclaimed essays, and was interested in many social and political topics.

David Acton, founding father of the Museum of the American Revolution, dies at 87

He worked tirelessly for more than 20 years to help create and manage the museum, which opened in 2017.

Larry Picarello, 71, was a selfless volunteer who loved family and travel

He was good at puns, and family and friends sought his advise about practically everything. He loved the water and cruises.

McArthur Mackey, 76, was an expert truck driver and big Eagles fan

He was celebrated for driving more than 10 million miles without an accident.

Penn grad is an all-American pole vaulter — and a COVID-19 vaccine volunteer

He signed on with 1Day Sooner, a new online organization that solicits volunteers to test potential vaccines by being directly exposed to COVID-19 in research studies.

Linda Mazaud, 77, ran a clothing boutique and put her family first

Mrs. Mazaud was able to balance her fashion career and home life so that her children never felt deprived or ignored. There was a hot meal for them every night.

Paul Frishkorn, 65, was an airline attendant who liked to bring people together

He made everybody he knew feel like they were his best friend.

James Walker, 59, loved being a Philly police officer and traveling with his wife

One time, dressed in his tuxedo, he left Vita on their way to a show to break up a robbery. She went on, and he made it to the theater by the second act.

Falneshia Adams, 49, was a mother, loving sister, and dedicated worker

Once she established herself in her new home – and explained to her folks why she left – Ms. Adams worked jobs at the old Bellevue-Stratford Hotel and then the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.