I write about life and death, achievements and memories. We are all important to someone, and no one should be forgotten.

Latest Stories

Sarah M. Dwyer, longtime elementary school teacher and antique dealer, dies at 83

She was in class at Merion Elementary School in 1991 when a plane and helicopter collided and crashed onto the playground. Sen. John Heinz and six others died, and she helped students to safety.

Ron Polao, comedic TV and radio personality, and advertising director, dies at 81

He earned small roles in many movies, and was the star of The Fun Club with Ron Polao on WIBF-TV, Channel 29, in the 1960s.

Rita Roy, real estate agent, fashion photographer, and great-grandmother of 10, dies at 98

Combining her gift of gab and graciousness with an insider’s knowledge of the housing market, she became one of the city’s top sellers by 1992.

Charles H. DeMirjian, veteran, marketing whiz, and proud Armenian American, dies at 95

He was one of the brains behind successful marketing campaigns for Rain Dance car care products, Corian countertops, and Stainmaster flooring.

Ernest L. ‘Gary’ Rosato, surgeon, teacher, and hospital leader, dies at 57

He was chief of the Division of General Surgery, and founder and director of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Gastroesophageal Center.

Stephen M. Kay, clinical psychologist and innovative teacher, dies at 79

He taught high school English and history in Philadelphia and later became a clinical psychologist who specialized in the emotional development of men, mental illness, and addiction.

Manfred Fischbeck, avant-garde dancer, theater director, and teacher, dies at 80

He was a founder and director of Group Motion Multimedia Dance Theater, which is internationally known for its avant-garde performances and experimental workshops.

Aaron W. Hirschhorn, start-up entrepreneur, active family man, and dog lover, dies at 42

He and his wife started a successful online company connecting dog owners and dog sitters after their own dog seemed anxious and out of sorts after a stay at a kennel.

Buddy Deppenschmidt, renowned jazz drummer and longtime music teacher, dies at 85

He was an inspiring music teacher and noted jazz drummer who played with, among many others, Charlie Byrd and Billy Butterfield.

Robert Wolf, Philadelphia jeweler and family man, dies at 91

In addition to his local customers, he sold jewelry to entertainers Sammy Davis Jr. and Eddie Fisher, and daredevil Evel Knievel.