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Photo: Sir Richard Branson dressed as a stewardess

Faux lashes included.

In 2010, Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire behind Virgin Airlines, lost a Formula One racing bet against the head of AirAsia Tony Fernandes. Three years later, Branson followed through on his losing end of the bet by dressing in drag.

A bearded Branson, dressed in bright red stewardess wear and fishnet stockings, covered his lips in rouge lipstick, coated his eyelids with turqoise shadow, lined the bottom of his eyes with a midnight blue pencil, and attached super long, faux cils to bat his lashes. Branson gave his signature blonde hair a nice poof, and even added a nice touch - a subtle beautymark on his left cheek.

The result? Nothing short of shocking - maybe even terrifying. Although we have to admit, Branson has nice legs. Branson served fliers in the outfit. AP reports the CEO was a good sport - "cheerful," even. According to CNN, Branson dressed in drag on a flight raised close to $200,000 for charity.

See the photo, which was taken in Perth's airport on Sunday, above.