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Skin Palette moving from Rittenhouse to the Bellevue

Spray tan studio Skin Palette is moving from Rittenhouse Square to the Bellevue.

Spray-tan salon Skin Palette is moving from Rittenhouse Square to the Bellevue.

Owners Susie Celek and Julie Dorenbos* shared Tuesday that they hope the move will help accommodate clients - many from the Main Line, South Jersey and West Chester - with access to parking in a more centralized location in the city. Celek tells me the idea of moving into the Bellevue was sparked last year after several conversations with close friend Amy Stratton, also the General Manager of The Sporting Club. Celek, a boxer who trains at the gym, and Dorenbos, wanted to partake in the overall experience of what the Bellevue provides: Walking into an environment that caters to health-conscious men and women, and walking out with an "extra boost of confidence."

The duo, in hot pursuit of healthy lifestyles and alternatives to traditional UV-tanning options, gained their spray-tan cred with clients after implementing the techniques they learned from training with a Beverly Hills-based company that caters to celebrities. They went on to become research partners with Ohio-based industry leader, Sunless, Inc. Celek, an Ohio native who's educated in the Aveda aesthetics program, claims her love of tanning is "rooted in Ohio." A former swimmer who was on the heavier side in high school, Celek says she "totally gets" why people tan - though not the UV option. "I've been oodle doodle about spray-tanning for a long time," the svelte and toned Celek says, adding that the look of a tan typically gives people a slimmer illusion.

Skin Palette opened in September 2011 with a grand opening party that included a swarm of Eagles players: Celek, the former wife of Eagles tight end and new restaurateur Brent Celek, divulges that her interest in owning a spray-tan salon was perpetuated years ago. She specifies and notes Brent's parents, who own several salons in Cincinnati, as huge influencers in her pursuit in the field. Dorenbos, wife of Eagles long snapper and professional magician Jon Dorenbos says, "It feels good knowing we can provide my hometown with a healthy alternative to tanning." She largely handles the front-end of the salon's client interaction.

Skin Palette's final day at its Rittenhouse Square spot at 19th and Moravian Streets will be on May 29. The new location in the Sporting Club at the Bellevue will open the next day. "Running a business like this is insane," says Celek. "We're going from 3 airbrush rooms to 1," she adds, which boils it down to this conclusion: Current and new clients are recommended to simply "call ahead."

*Julie Dorenbos is a beauty contributor to's Style blog.