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Urban Outfitters knows exactly what it's doing

Don't you think by now Urban Outfitters knows what they are doing?


Don't you think by now Urban Outfitters knows what it is doing?

Whew, that felt good to get off my chest.

The Philly-based retailer made headlines today for its holiday gift catalog full of F-words and sugar, honey, iced, tea references. Apparently the store is selling photo albums with the title "It was F--ing awesome" and candles that spell out the word F-word in wax as well as an $18 "Let's f--ing reminisce." book.

Parents are outraged. The media is finger wagging. Our precious little children's ears should be kept away from such bad language, right?

Are you kidding me? The F-bomb is freakin' everywhere especially in movies and it's alluded to in most music  - remember Cee-Lo Green's pop hit "Forget You," also known as "F-You." I'm not saying the word is acceptable in pleasant company (unless of course you have stubbed your toe.) but it's not such a mysterious utterance anymore. This is how kids communicate with each other.

And that's why Urban is cashing in on the phrase. It's how your young adults are expressing themselves, whether you want to believe it or not.  And every time Urban uses  it people raise holy heck and stand  on high moral ground about said offending items. The solution is simple: if you are offended, don't buy the items for your kids.

What's more offensive to me is the colorful language overshadows the company's high quality designs. All of the Urban brands including Anthropologie, BHLDN - its awesome bridal line -  and Free People employ some of the city's best design talent. That operation at the Navy Yard is an amazing fashion hub. There, trends are made, designers are bred and fashion is formed on Philadelphia terms.

Getting all hung up on an F-you is F-ing stupid, if you ask me.