If nothing else, 2013 was the year of the beard, with facial hair acceptance growing by leaps and bounds not only here at home, but all over the nation as well. Once relegated to the realm of unkempt loserdom, beards have made the comeback to an en vogue fashion accessory that accentuates masculinity to boot. It is, in essence, the last bastion of manhood.

Philly, for its part, has taken notice. We're so bearded that we even have our own "Philly Beard" style that plays off the Muslim roots of the traditional Muslim Sunnah beard. From the guys in charge on down to our city's finest purveyors of Philadelphia culture, we became a follicle-crazed metropolis in 2013.

With that many majestic beards running around, narrowing Philly's best down to 10 wasn't easy. But, here, the greatest full beards, goatees, and custom stylized manes Philly has to offer on the face of our very best Philadelphians. Enjoy.

And, please, let it grow.