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Transition into spring with these 7 hair tips from local experts

March your mane out of winter with these top tips and trends predicted by local hair and styling experts.

March your mane out of winter with these top tips and trends predicted by local hair and styling experts.

Debulk the bangs

"Instead of your heavy winter bang, do a textured fringe," says Christopher Hill, a stylist at Headhouse Salon.

Hello low bun

"No more high sock buns," says Hill. Instead, he recommends that women try a lower knot at the nape of the neck, "for something simple and sexy."

Chop it into "The Karlie"

Could a bob with a bang really launch a supermodel's career?

Ask Karlie Kloss who first debuted her chopped look in early 2012. Vogue dubbed Kloss' hairstyle, the "Haircut of the Moment," and the rest is history. Getting the bang right is what makes or breaks this particular style. Aimed to enhance a wide range of face shapes and sizes, The Karlie not only freshens the face, but it also gives its wearers "a more youthful, carefree look," says Andre Richard Baldini, the owner and stylist at Andre Richard Salon. Click here to see his trick for perfect bangs.

Pastel fashion shades

"Go for the unnatural look," says Jade Carroll, the owner and stylist at Headhouse Salon, who recommends you "add a pop of pastel to your color." Carroll says a pink, purple or teal hue is a good fit for the girlie girls. For the more adventurous and edgy ladies, she says silver and grey colors are big this season.

A Better-Blended Ombre

"Spring will be a great time to incorporate ombre into your hair color, but in a much softer way," says Fiorella Fiore-Ros, Master stylist and co-founder at Oggi Salon & Spa. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Jessica Biel are great examples of those who went for diffused, multidimensional ombré looks, where instead of drawing a distinct line between two colors, they requested a blended mixture of light and dark, says Fiorella Fiore-Ros.

Richard Baldini adds, "The key to beautiful Ombre color treatment is getting a balanced distribution of color without looking contrived." His business model by offering it for half the price of a typical color treatment is also a great way for clients to try it with minimal investment, he explains.

Embrace Natural Texture

"Put down the hot tools and go all natural," says Morgan Fitzpatrick, a stylist at Headhouse Salon. " For a soft, sexy bed head look, try twisting and knotting your natural texture." Fitzpatrick recommends the following products to twist and knot your hair: Arrojo Style Whip and Refinish Dry shampoo.

Add Accessories

"Transition your winter tresses into spring by adding a colorful scarf or bow to your everyday ponytail or bun," says Meighan Olkowski, Headhouse Salon owner and stylist. "It's simple and easy - will look great on all!"

And for the fellas, Richard Baldini recommends "guy-lights."

"Men want to have an edge and they know a little color can change their style," he says. "We use a specific technique to give men a natural, tousled look."