A brand new album, accompanied by a brand new look.

For Alicia Keys, it had something to do with her very own personal rebirth. In an interview with the Associated Press, the stylish songstress who frequents fashion weeks and is no stranger to designer looks, shared why she had chopped off her luxurious locks.

She says, "I love this hair. I love it chopped off. I love all the things I can do with it. In fact, I can do more things with my short hair than I could do with my long hair to be honest."

With shorter hair comes a sense of empowerment and freedom, Keys admits. "It's just such a freeing, powerful feeling to have short hair and to let go of all the things in my past, you know," she says. Keys, who has been no stranger to controversy, especially shared her sentiments in the song, "Brand New Me."

" 'cause I feel like you start fresh," she confesses. "You start fresh and fly, and that's how I feel."