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This strip is inspired by a real life medical condition, often unreported by the media due to its "ridiculousness." It's known as "anti-chuckling" and it's an epidemic.

Victims are often joyous, exuberant people, who enjoy laughing and take part in it often, but are forced to suppress their mirth due to ir being perceived as "pure evil." A rash of shopping mall Santa's were found to be stricken with it in the early '70s, and anyone attempting to enter the profession is now given intrusive examinations to determine whether or not they will instinctively horrify children.

This holiday, don't shy away from someone just because they sound like a warlock, shrieking at a darkening sky from the side of a jagged cliff. Embrace them, get to know them, and understand them, embodying the spirit of the season. Then, if they're still evil, you can probably get away from them guilt-free.

In conclusion, the Cowboys are hot garbage.