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How much does it cost for a private workout with Hulk Hogan?

There are a lot of people that would love to have a private workout and lunch with Hulk Hogan.

Now you can do that courtesy of charitable experience company IfOnly, but for a pretty hefty fee.

IfOnly is offering private workouts at Hogan's personal gym in Clearwater, Fla. and a private lunch for the price of $14,750.

Don't be too alarmed at the price, as it does go to a good cause. The proceeds go to the "50 Legs" foundation, which helps provide affordable prosthetics to amputees.

According to IfOnly's web site, you will have the chance to "lift, leap and lunge like a true Hulkamaniac and discover all the incredible exercises that helped make Hulk one of the dynamic athletes of his generation. No matter what shape you're in, Hulk will give you the inspiration to take your fitness to the highest level."

So, do you want to clang and bang in the gym like the Hulkster, brother? Well, here's your chance.

[h/t to TiqIq]