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Hunico played the role of Sin Cara Monday night

Apparently, that wasn't a new tattoo that everyone saw on Sin Cara's shoulder Monday.

That's because the man who defeated Alberto Del Rio wasn't the real Sin Cara.

The man that donned the Sin Cara mask was none other than Hunico, the man who feuded with the real Sin Cara over the persona a couple of years ago.

According to, the real Sin Cara, who's real name is Luis Alvirde, said on Twitter that he was finishing his dinner in Mexico, meaning that he couldn't have possibly been in Oklahoma City for Raw.

(His tweet would be embedded on this story, but since all of his tweets are in Spanish, it would be hard to understand what he's saying.)

According to, the real Sin Cara, who became a wrestling legend in Mexico as Mistico, is all but done with the WWE and the company is going through the process of re-introducing the character with Hunico under the mask.

That would explain why Sin Cara had his mood lighting back Monday after having it taken away for months.