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Reliving 'The Streak:' The Undertaker defeats Triple H at WrestleMania 27

Now that The Undertaker's famous undefeated streak has ended, we can now look back it in its entirety. In the days leading up to WrestleMania 31, we will take a look back at every memorable chapter of the feat that can never be duplicated. Here's a look at what became the holy grail of professional wrestling.

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The Undertaker vs. Triple H (19-0)

WrestleMania XXVII | Georgia Dome — Atlanta | April 3, 2011

Attendance: 71,617

Match length: 29:24

After The Undertaker vanquished Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania in consecutive years, naturally the next person in line to challenge the streak was Michaels' long-time running mate Triple H.

Although Triple H and The Undertaker had faced each other before at WrestleMania, it was under completely different circumstances than the one presented in 2011.

For one, the first took place a decade prior. Secondly, The Undertaker was in full biker mode and Triple H hadn't donned the executive suit yet.

Since the two men were firmly cemented as future Hall of Famers, there wasn't really a need to do a lot to sell the match. All the WWE needed to do was put The Undertaker and Triple H on the marquee and the people would come.

The WWE clearly recognized this as the entire angle was set up with a silent promo. The Undertaker made his surprise return to WWE television and before he could get one word out, Triple H interrupted him.

Neither man said a word. They just looked at each other and looked at the WrestleMania sign and we were off to the races.

Although WrestleMania XXVII was an average show overall, The Undertaker's match with Triple H delivered on multiple levels.

The action was great, but the storytelling was even better, as Triple H did enough damage to The Undertaker to put him in retreat mode by the end of the match. It was one of the few times in The Undertaker's career that he looked so vulnerable.

But as Triple H was seemingly ready to put the finishing touches on a historic win with his patented sledgehammer, The Undertaker pulled the proverbial rabbit out of his hat and locked in the Gogoplata, forcing Triple H to tap out and extending the streak to an astonishing 19-0.

The storytelling continued after the match, as The Undertaker couldn't even make it to his feet. In fact, he was carted out of the arena while Triple H, the loser, walked out under his own power.

The post-match angle set up an even more memorable return match at the next year's WrestleMania.

Side note: Although Triple H wasn't a unique opponent for The Undertaker, his theme music was. The Undertaker had used Limp Bizkit for his entrance at WrestleMania during his biker days, but he had always used a version of his iconic theme song as the darker version of himself. At WrestleMania XV, he used The Ministry of Darkness music.

However, at WrestleMania XXVII, The Undertaker came out to Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave." He has not used the song since.