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Ring of Honor television report (12/02/15): It's the Adam Cole show bay bay!

This week of Ring of Honor television was all about building more momentum to the promotion's biggest show of the year, Final Battle, which is slated for Friday, Dec. 18 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

With that goal in mind, I think Ring of Honor did a very good job of building the necessary momentum that by having good matches, but more importantly, having a slew of promo segments that furthered the stories that will culminate at Final Battle.

We got multiple backstage promos from Adam Cole, who spoke passionately about his rivalry with Kyle O'Reilly and why at Final Battle, he will prove to be the better man once again.

These promos were fantastic and showcased the range of ability Cole has. I know Cole has a great spot in Ring of Honor, but his skill set seems tailor-made for WWE.

He has a good look, he's comfortable in front of the camera, he has the right amount of intensity in his promos and he has the ring work to back it up all of the talk. I know it's a process in getting into WWE and more specifically NXT, but if I were scouting talent for the company, I'd be doing everything I could to get Cole to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible.

We also got a face-to-face confrontation to hype the main event of Final Battle, which is a ROH World title match between Jay Lethal and AJ Styles.

Lethal went to the ring and talked about once upon a time he looked to Styles for advice because Styles was once the greatest wrestler in the world. But those days are long gone as he is now the greatest wrestler in the world and that he will prove it on Dec. 18.

He demanded Styles come to the ring and Styles obliged, saying that it was ironic that although Lethal is the champion, he's calling out Styles instead of the other way around.

Styles then demanded Lethal shake his hand and say, "May the best man win." Lethal did just that, but began yelling in Styles' face that he will indeed be the better man.

Without putting any of the four men in the ring, Ring of Honor managed to get me more excited to see its top two matches for Final Battle with great promo segments.

As far as the matches themselves, Will Ferrera managed to pull of an upset over Adam Page after BJ Whitmer's attempt at breaking the rules went awry.

The next match didn't come until the main event, as Cole, who was joined by his Kingdom running mates Matt Taven and Michael Bennett, went up against the flamboyant Dalton Castle. Before the match began, Castle's Boys jumped into the ring to be by his side once again.

But the reunion was brief, as Silas Young demanded that The Boys jump out of the ring and leave. The Boys reluctantly went with Young.

The match between Cole and Castle didn't last very long, as The Kingdom ganged up on Castle. War Machine, who will challenge Bennett and Taven for the ROH Tag Team titles at Final Battle, ran down to the ring to even the odds. ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuiness then made the match a six-man tag.

After a descent affair, The Kingdom managed to defeat War Machine and Castle and stand tall as the episode came to a close. While the show was ending, Kevin Kelly hyped that Kyle O'Reilly would return to television next week.

Here are the full match results:

- Will Ferrera def. Adam Page

- Dalton Castle def. Adam Cole via disqualification

- The Kingdom def. War Machine & Dalton Castle