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Ring of Honor television report (12/09/15): Young Bucks, Briscoes tear down the house

With Final Battle inching closer and closer Ring of Honor presented another solid hour of television Wednesday night that featured a stellar main event and some other intriguing happenings.

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser opened the show with a match against Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, collectively known as reDragon.

While Young lost an entertaining affair to reDRagon, he still somehow won by The Boys cementing their allegiance to him after Dalton Castle demanded that they went back to him.

The Boys considered it, but opted to stick with Young and The Beer City Bruiser.

As for O'Reilly and Fish, O'Reilly almost got into yet another confrontation with his Final Battle opponent Adam Cole, who was ringside doing commentary during the match.

Fish sat in on commentary himself later in the show during the Ring of Honor World Television match between Roderick Strong and a man named Samson Walker, who somehow earned an opportunity for the title.

Fish was scouting Strong, as the two will face each other for the ROH World Television title at Final Battle.

We got the answer to a mystery going around Ring of Honor, and that was the identity of the person running around in a red mask ruining The Addiction's matches.

Chris Sabin went to the ring alone, as his pals in The Addiction were over in Japan wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Sabin pleaded his case that despite the man in the red mask always being there when he wasn't and doing all of his signature moves, that it wasn't actually him.

He eventually called out the mysterious man, who made his way to the ring, only to reveal that it was Sabin's former tag team partner Alex Shelley. Neither man said a word after the unveiling, as Sabin just hopped out of the ring.

If this means a potential reunion between the Motor City Machine Guns, count me in.

The main event saw a match between two of the most popular tag teams in the world, as The Young Bucks took on The Briscoe Brothers.

With the All Night Express at ringside doing commentary, both teams put on a very fun match that saw The Young Bucks triumph in the end.

At the end of the day, it only showcased just how much depth Ring of Honor currently has in its tag team division. Not only does it have depth but every team feels important and has some purpose within the promotion.

Here are the full match results:

- reDRagon def. Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser

- ROH World Television championship – Roderick Strong def. Samson Walker

- The Young Bucks def. The Briscoe Brothers