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WWE Raw results (12/09/13): 10 observations from this week's episode, Slammy award winners

The latest edition of Raw took place from Key Arena in Seattle, Wash. and it was eventful to say the least.

Not only was it the Slammys, but it was also the go-home show to Table, Ladders and Chairs this Sunday.

To do the final hype for the main event at this Sunday's pay-per-view — John Cena versus Randy Orton to crown a new undisputed champion — the Authority invited 20 former WWE and World Champions to take part in an ascension of the two title belts.

A lot came of this segment to close the show so a lot of observations are going to surround this.

Without further adieu, let's get to what I took away from this episode of Raw:

WWE planted a lot of seeds in the final segment

And that's putting it mildly. A lot happened during this segment, but things got real interesting when Cena and Orton had to be pulled apart.

CM Punk attempted to hold Orton back, but Orton shoved him away. Punk took offense and began whaling away at him. Triple H saw this and shoved CM Punk away from Orton.

CM Punk didn't like this either and planted seed No. 1 by taking out Triple H. That seed was seemingly planted to further the coming feud between CM Punk and the Authority.

After CM Punk took out Triple H, Shawn Michaels hit him with sweet chin music, which set up seed No. 2. Because Daniel Bryan followed that with a running knee to Michaels. It looks as if Michaels and Bryan are on their way to a match at some point. Possibly WrestleMania.

The final seed was a strange one. It's one I can't quite put my finger on, but it was still interesting. After Bryan hit Michaels with the running knee, Orton attempted to RKO him, but Bryan shoved him away. Orton then inadvertently ran into Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H was irate that his wife was knocked to the ground put Orton in the pedigree. While Orton was on the ground Triple H, Kane and Cena helped McMahon to her feet.

The final visual was Cena standing next to the Authority — a bunch of heels — while Orton writhed in pain on the mat. It looked as if there was the planting of another seed.

Let me say this, I think Cena will never turn heel. He makes too much money for WWE as a face and it would be bad for business (no pun intended) to make him a bad guy.

Maybe Cena was just being Mr. Do Right again and helping a lady to her feet. Or maybe WWE is flirting with the idea, but I still don't see them ever turning Cena into a full-fledged heel, ever. This segment ended in a big way though.

Daniel Bryan takes over the final segment

It wasn't necessarily Bryan's fault, but the Seattle fans made it known that they loved him during the final segment.

Triple H was busy over-hyping the importance of the Cena-Orton match, but he was drowned out by chants of "Daniel Bryan!" Bryan is over like rover anywhere he goes, but he was especially over in Seattle because he's from Aberdeen, Wash., which is less than two hours away according to Google.

The Seattle fans were so loud that Triple H had to acknowledge it. The commentators did as well.

John Cena used Daniel Bryan to get the fans on his side

Triple H wasn't the only one with the microphone who acknowledged the fans' love for Bryan. Cena did as well and used it to get the fans on his side during the promo.

Cena was booed by a majority of the fans during the two segments he appeared on the show. Realizing this, he smartly talked about Bryan and said that he worked for everything he had accomplished, unlike Orton.

Cena even gave Bryan a bit of mic time by asking what his name was and where he was from. Cena even went as far as to guarantee Bryan a shot at the undisputed title if he defeated Orton Sunday.

Cena sure knows how to suck away heat from someone else, doesn't he?

Shawn Michaels turns on his heel mode

Michaels essentially became a heel Monday night.

He won the Slammy for Double Cross of the Year for when he super kicked Bryan at Hell in a Cell. When he accepted the award he didn't seem very apologetic and was even bragging that he should have won the award sooner, which is true.

He even said that he "enjoyed every second" of turning on Bryan.

He then presented the Slammy for Superstar of the Year and reluctantly handed it over to Bryan. He even looked shocked that Bryan won it.

Before that even he said that the award should be named after him, or as he called it, the "HB-shizzle." The fans responded to all of this with boos.

More signs that The Shield will be splitting up soon

The Shield presented the award for Double Cross of the Year and three members came out looking very dapper.

Each member said something about the ward, but when Roman Reins attempted to say something, Dean Ambrose cut him off and went to the nominees.

Reins didn't seem too happy about, but didn't do anything. Then Ambrose had a match against CM Punk one-on-one. Ambrose kept telling his fellow Shield members to stay out of the way because he could take CM Punk by himself.

Reins and Seth Rollins remained at ringside and got real close to putting a beating on CM Punk, but Ambrose made sure they didn't. However, he didn't do it in the most polite way ever. He even sent Reins and Rollins to the back, but was soon hit with the GTS from CM Punk and lost the match.

After the match Rollins attempted to get in the ring, but CM Punk kept him out of it. Reins came in from behind, however, and delivered a spear to CM Punk.

Although The Shield walked out together, they Reins and Rollins didn't seem too happy with Ambrose.

I am not happy about this at all. The Shield should until at least WrestleMania. They still have so much left to do. We still know so little about them.

The WWE could do so much more with these three guys and it would be a shame to rush them all into singles careers. I know they are head over heels on Reins, but they should let them stay together at least for another couple months.

Why did Big Show just stand there during the final segment?

Big Show was among the 20 former WWE and World Champions that were invited to the ceremony to raise the belts in the air, which meant he was going to have to stand in the same ring with Triple H and McMahon — the same people that fired him and I believe still owns his house (in storyline of course).

My only question is why? Why would Big Show just stand there after all they put him through? You would have thought that was a distant memory, but it was just last month. It's apparently already ancient history.

Bray Wyatt is a movie-quality villain

I am a Bray Wyatt fan. I love the character. I love the potential it has. Is he great in the ring? Maybe he isn't. Is he going to put on a five-star match? I don't think he should.

That's not his character. Jake Roberts wasn't a technical masterpiece in the ring, but you believed everything he did and said. You invested in the character.

That's what Wyatt is today. He's not supposed to be Picasso on a wrestling mat. He's supposed to be a little rough around the edges. That's okay. WWE isn't going to make money off him because of his in-ring work.

Promos like the ones he's cut the last couple of weeks is what's going to make them money with him.

His character and the way he portrays it is so menacing. The character has a big-screen quality to it.

New Age Outlaws dress up as Dumb and Dumber

Who said TNA always steals from WWE? Apparently, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn watch TNA Impact every Thursday because thy definitely saw Bad Influence dress up as Dumb and Dumber about a month ago.

I guess they figured since no one watches Impact, no one would notice.

WWE puts on great tag team matches seemingly on a weekly basis

There were two great tag team matches Monday night. The first was an eight-man between Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Big Show and Mysterio versus, The Real Americans, Curtis Axel Ryback.

WWE seems to have one of these big tag team matches every week, but they knock them out of the park every week.

The second was the Usos against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Again, a fun match to watch with a hot ending.

These are some of the most entertaining matches on the show and reaffirms why tag teams are such an important part of a wrestling company.

One side not to all of this is that Rowan is one ugly man. I'm not one to judge men, but he is not easy on the eyes with that beard and those ragged teeth. But weird look works for the character so enjoy watching him work every week.

Sin Cara/Hunico beats Alberto Del Rio again

Why Del Rio is still on television if he's just going to lose to Sin Cara/Hunico is beyond me.

I guess Sin Cara/Hunico is getting a push, but to where? The mid-card?

Slammy winners:

Lol Moment of the Year - The Rock Concert (My thoughts: I guess this was the funniest thing that happened all year.)

Double Cross of the Year – Shawn Michaels super kicking Daniel Bryan (My thoughts: I'm fine with that.)

Diva of the Year – The Bella Twins (My thoughts: This should have been given to AJ Lee. But ratings for Total Divas is what really matters.)

Superstar of the Year – Daniel Bryan (My thoughts: I love Daniel Bryan. I really do. But this was done for story purposes because Michaels presented the award. I hate to say it but John Cena should have won. Won the Royal Rumble, beat The Rock at WrestleMania, current World Champion. But I am happy for Bryan.)

Fan Participation of the Year – Daniel Bryan's Yes! chants (My thoughts: Why is this even a category? But I don't mind Bryan getting two Slammys)

Insult of the Year – Stephanie McMahon degrades the Big Show (My thoughts: I guess.

Extreme Moment of the Year – Ryback spearing John Cena through the titantron at Extreme Rules, (My thoughts: Pretty cool moment, but there was probably something better than this left out, like the entire CM Punk-Brock Lesnar match.)

Match of the Year: John Cena versus The Rock at WrestleMania 29 (My thoughts: Yeah right. This was not even close to match of the year. My favorite is between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar or the Rhodes against the Shield at Battleground. Either one would have made for much better choices.)

Awards that weren't aired:

Couple of the Year – Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Tag Team of the Year – Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Feat of Strength of the Year – Mark Henry pulls two trucks

"Say What?!" Quote of the Year – Dusty Rhodes going crazy

Favorite Web Show – JBL and Cole Show

Best Crowd – East Rutherford, N. J. on the Raw after WrestleMania

Catchphrase of the Year - Daniel Bryan's Yes!

Breakout Star of the Year – All three members of The Shield

"This is Awesome!" Moment of the Year – Big Show knocking out Triple H

Hashtag of the Year - #BelieveInTheShield

Beard of the Year – Daniel Bryan