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WWE TLC 2013: Match results and 10 observations from the PPV

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs emanated from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

The show overall wasn't super eventful, but we do have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Here's a quick rundown of the winners and losers of Sunday's matches.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

The Wyatt Family defeated Daniel Bryan

CM Punk defeated The Shield

Big E Langston defeated Damien Sandow to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes and Goldust retained the WWE Tag Team Championships in a fatal four-way match

AJ Lee defeated Natalya to retain the WWE Divas Championship

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz

R-Truth defeated Broadus Clay

Fandango defeated Dolph Ziggler on the pre show.

Now, on to the observations from the pay-per-view:

Randy Orton defeats John Cena in clean fashion

When I say clean fashion, I mean relative to a tables, ladders and chairs match. There was no outside interference.

Although the Internet has been buzzing ever since this match was announced about possible shenanigans that would take place, including Triple H even winning the titles, none of that happened.

Orton defeated Cena with no help from the Authority or anyone else. He won and then the Authority, including Vince McMahon, came out to congratulate him as the show went off the air.

The ending was kind of anti-climactic, but if you're going to have a match of that magnitude, it should be settled among the competitors in the match. I think it worked in the end.

The Wyatt Family beats up on Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan took a beating in this match. Quite frankly, he should have. When you have Bryan, who's not the biggest guy in the world, go up against three monsters, he should get beat on pretty bad.

Bray Wyatt actually worked a good portion of the match and wound up getting the pin on Bryan. He also did some creepy backwards, Exorcist-like crawl across the ring. It drew a "That was creepy!" chant.

Where Bryan goes from here is beyond me. He's been one of the names floated around to win the Royal Rumble, but with Orton winning Sunday, I'm not so sure about that anymore. I'm not sure WWE would book Orton and Bryan against each other again.

Maybe Shawn Michaels is in his future. If he is, it would be an awkward transition away from the Wyatt Family.

Interesting way for CM Punk to defeat The Shield

CM Punk was in the same situation as Bryan with having to go up against three people all by himself. The only difference was that CM Punk walked away with a victory. The interesting part was how.

Roman Reins attempted to spear CM Punk outside of the ring, but CM Punk got out of the way, sending Reins flying into the announcers at ringside.

Once he got up, he sold an eye injury and didn't really do much the rest of the match. CM Punk worked against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose the rest of the way until Reins mistakenly speared one of his teammates, allowing CM Punk to pick up the win.

I guess Reins can say that his vision was impaired, but that's now how it's going be taken by his teammates moving forward.

Sunday night was another step toward a break up of The Shield. It's unfortunate, too. They still have so much left to do as a group.

Tag Team title match was entertaining

Cody Rhodes and Goldust retained their tag team titles in a fairly entertaining match. I don't agree with Big Show and Rey Mysterio being one of the last two teams, but it was a good match overall.

I figured WWE would use that match to make the Real Americans look good even in defeat. Instead, the Real Americans were the second team eliminated, behind Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Why is Rey Mysterio and Big Show even a tag team?

I understand WWE wants to get big names on the pay-per-view, but you have to reward the teams who have been actual tag teams for months and months, not a couple of days.

The same goes for Ryback and Axel. The Primetime Players and the Usos — two worthy teams — could have filled those two spots.

Sweet T, Funkadactyls walk out on Broadus Clay

Broadus Clay took part in an unannounced match against R-Truth. Clay spent the majority of the match tossing R-Truth around and talking trash.

He even talked trash to Sweet T, telling him that he was better than him. Sweet T quickly walked out along with Cameron and Naomi.

Clay was distracted momentarily and was rolled up by R-Truth for the pin. This storyline isn't the best ever, but it will be interesting what they do with Sweet T, Cameron and Naomi if they stay away from Clay.

Houston was not interested in the Miz-Kofi Kingston match

This match was announced after Kingston slapped the Miz during the pre show. The fans didn't care about that or anything else these two did during the night.

The match wasn't bad, but it was just that the crowd in Houston did not care who won or loss at all.

They've been confused by this story because they don't know where Miz and Kingston actually stand. If they don't know who to cheer for, they won't cheer at all.

I could distinctly here one individual in the arena say, "Boring!" Mind you, this was only one person.

AJ Lee and Natalya have a good Divas match

Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to pull of a decent Divas match, but such was the case Sunday between Lee and Natalya.

There were a couple of submission spots that each competitor escaped. There was some drama built in and it made the match better, in my opinion.

Big Langston surprises no one

Big E Langston retained in his Intercontinental title by defeating Damien Sandow, which surprised absolutely no one.

Dolph Ziggler loses yet again

Man, it is so sad to see how far down the card Ziggler is. Ziggler lost clean in the middle of the ring again, this time to Fandango.

Why does the Authority feel the need to start every pay-per-view?

I mean really? Why? It's a pay-per-view, not Raw. People aren't paying $55 to see people in suits talk. People want to see the matches.