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WWE chairman, CEO Vince McMahon apologizes to CM Punk

WWE Chairman and chief executive officer Vince McMahon apologized to former wrestler CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) Monday during an interview with Steve Austin on the Steve Austin Show podcast.

CM Punk left the WWE back in January due to a number of issues, which he finally made public last week on the Art of Wrestling podcast, which his hosted by his good friend Colt Cabana.

Among the things that drew CM Punk's ire toward the WWE was the fact that he received his termination papers from the company on the day of his wedding back in June.

CM Punk believed that it was a strategic move on the WWE's part. McMahon apologized for that on Monday during his interview with Austin and said that it was a pure coincidence.

McMahon also said that the reason why the working relationship between CM Punk and the WWE went sour was due to a lack of communication and that he hoped the two sides could come back together on amicable terms.

CM Punk stated during Cabana's podcast that there would never be a working relationship between himself and the WWE ever again.