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United States no longer No. 1 team in FIFA global women's soccer rankings

For the first time since March of 2015, the United States is not No. 1 in FIFA's world rankings of women's national teams.

For the first time since March of 2015, the United States is not No. 1 in FIFA's world rankings of women's national teams.

It might not be surprising that the Americans have been dethroned in the wake of losses to England and France at the SheBelieves Cup. But you might not expect the new No. 1 to be the only team the Americans beat at the tournament: Germany.

The Germans edged the U.S. by a total of three points in FIFA's ranking system. Points totals are derived from a statistical formula that's explained here.

While the U.S. has been in second before, according to FIFA the Americans now have the lowest number of points they've had since the governing body began the rankings in 2003. Germany and the U.S. are the only nations to have ever been No. 1. They've been the top two in some order since September of 2009.

France, which won the SheBelieves Cup, sits at No. 3 - the same position they've been at since overtaking Japan in December of 2014. England moves up to No. 4, thanks in no small part to its win over the Americans, while Canada moves down to No. 5.

Other high-ranking notables include No. 8 Australia, which fell two spots after losing to Sweden and Denmark at this month's Algarve Cup; No. 11 Norway, which will host the U.S. in June; and No. 13 Spain, which won this year's Algarve Cup to claim its first international trophy of note.

Span's victory was led by former Philadelphia Independence playmaker Verónica Boquete, who's now with French power Paris Saint-Germain.

Here are the top 15 teams in the FIFA rankings. The next edition will be released on June 23, a few weeks before the UEFA Women's European Championship begins in the Netherlands.

1. Germany, 2108 points
2. United States, 2105 points
3. France, 2072 points
4. England, 2072 points
5. Canada, 2017 points

t-6. Japan, 1977 points
t-6. Sweden, 1977 points
8. Australia, 1976 points
9. Brazil, 1961 points
10. North Korea, 1953 points

11. Norway, 1926 points
12. Netherlands, 1923 points
13. Spain, 1885 points
14. China, 1882 points
15. Denmark, 1870 points

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