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Rank and File: Union vs. New York Red Bulls

As best I can tell, we got the most responses in Rank and File history this week. So congratulations to all of you for that.

As best I can tell, we got the most responses in Rank and File history this week. So congratulations to all of you for that. You all had a lot to say, too, so let's get right to your player ratings for Saturday's game.


Faryd Mondragón: 7.65
- "Mondragón was energetic, commanding ... and very, very lucky. He was caught completely flat-footed on the Agudelo shot which hit the post and was out of position on the shot which hit the crossbar." (Fake Peter Nowak)


Danny Califf: 6.84
- "Another fine performance, always popping up to block shots. Did get caught wrong side of Agudelo though." Mark Nakahara)

Jordan Harvey: 7.10
- "Handled Dane Richards and still got up the flank into attack." (George Hasenecz)

Carlos Valdés: 7.55
- "Califf and Valdés deserve a large amount of credit for the shutout. Valdés in particular was almost always in the right place at the right time." (Osager)

Sheanon Williams: 7.15
- "Love his throw-ins, but at times his best defense is his ability to get forward. He got schooled a couple of times. Seemed more controlled, not ending up in the middle of the field." (Nick Youngstein)


Brian Carroll: 3.36
- "Those were seven really good minutes, I guess. Hopefully the hamstring isn't too bad." (Nick Youngstein)

Keon Daniel: 6.70
- "Kyle Nakazawa had better get comfortable on the bench, Daniel is here to stay." (Jared R.)
- "Best find this offseason. Played both wide and centrally and was absolutely a difference-maker." (Nick Youngstein)

Justin Mapp: 6.30
- "I'm getting a little bit tired of watching Justin Mapp running around in little semicircles trying to keep the ball on his left foot. Call me old-fashioned if you must; I believe a professional footballer should be able to play the ball with either foot." (Osager)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 4.37
- "Miglioranzi was awful, even by his standards. I stopped counting after his fifth turnover - in the first half. He adds nothing to the team and I wouldn't start him were it not for the compromising photos he took of me and that police horse."

Amobi Okugo: 6.90
- "Okugo was the man of the match for me. He and a healthy Carroll would make a fine defensive midfield pairing if Nowak is inclined to continue this style. Migs has to be a player off the bench in the future." (Gavin)

Roger Torres: 8.55
- "Torres has made me a believer. I haven't been a huge fan, but when he gets in the game he makes an immediate impact. He needs to see more time." (Dave Q.)
- "I can't see Torres playing 90, but for 15 he is electric." (Richard Holland)


Sebastien Le Toux: 5.75
- "Sebastien Le Toux is in phenomenal shape, but I'm less interested in watching him run from side to side of the field than I am in watching him occasionally get open and do something when he gets the ball." (Fake Peter Nowak)

Danny Mwanga: 7.35
- "Danny Mwanga I thought made a huge difference off the bench, the squad had very little creativity until he came in. Not sure I believe that he expected that errant pass on the goal, though... His pass to Torres on the goal was very nice, a lot of players would have screwed that up." (Josh Wheeling)
- "He looks comfortable on the ball, and his size makes him a danger for opposing defenses. It'd be nice if Nowak could find him some more minutes." (Isaac B.)

Carlos Ruiz: 5.74
- "Fishy had an okay game. I still don't think he's ready to be this team's best scorer, but he's a presense. If his feel for the game and scoring knack return to him, this Union team will be a lot better, and they already are the conference leaders." (Nick Youngstein)
- "Ruiz didn't impress me (again). He needs to be stronger on the ball and not wait for it to be set up on a silver platter everytime." (Dave Q.)

Inanimate Objects

The crossbar of the goal in front of the River End: 7.00
- "JT, you forgot to list the 2 most important contributors - I give the right post an eight, but the crossbar only a seven cause that save was kind of soft." (Osager)

The right post of the goal in front of The River End: 8.50
- "I'd have to give the goal post a nine." (Richard Holland)