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Video: David Beckham's best goals and his highlights in Philadelphia

You don't have to like him, but I'd think that you can at least respect what he did in his time in the United States.

Because... well... you know.

David Beckham announced himself to the world with this goal from past the halfway line against Wimbledon in 1998. It's as memorable for the hit as it is for BBC announcer John Motson's breathless commentary:

Perhaps Beckham's most famous goal came for England in a World Cup qualifier against Greece in 2001. With time running out - literally - on the Three Lions' World Cup hopes, Beckham salvaged a 2-2 tie and sealed a trip to Japan and South Korea:

Hitting pinpoint free kicks was Beckham's biggest skill, of course. You might have heard that somebody made a movie made about them. Here's a compilation of his best free kicks:

Here are all 17 goals that Beckham scored for England's national team:

Here are all of the goals that he scored for Manchester United:

Here are all of the goals that he scored for Real Madrid:

Here's a fancy free kick that he scored for AC Milan:

Beckham never scored in his nine games this season for Paris Saint-Germain. But he did provide this nifty assist for Zlatan Ibrahimović in a Ligue 1 game against Rennes on April 6:

Beckham played five seasons for the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer. He only made one appearance for L.A. at PPL Park, back in 2010. But he left the sellout crowd with quite a memory, sending an inch-perfect corner kick onto Edson Buddle's head for the game's only goal:

Beckham also had the decisive assist in a 1-0 Union loss at the Home Depot Center in 2011. This time, it came from a free kick:

Beckham's last appearance at PPL Park came just under year ago at the MLS All-Star Game. It took place just days before the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in his native London - in fact, the soccer tournament started that very morning.

He was in London in the days before the All-Star Game to rehearse his role in the opening ceremonies. He flew to Philadelphia on the morning of the All-Star Game, then surprised almost everyone by playing a strong 74 minutes before flying right back to London.

Among Beckham's contributions in the All-Stars' 3-2 win over Chelsea was an assist on the game-tying goal. Jump to the 6:14 mark below to watch:

Beckham won the first of his two MLS Cups with the Galaxy in 2011. He had an assist on the game's only goal, which featured all three of L.A's big-name stars:

Finally, here's a compilation of all of the goals Beckham scored in MLS. Yes, he got older during his time with the Galaxy. And yes, he got slower. And yes, he became more of a central midfielder than a winger. And yes, he got a lot of hype, even though he didn't always seem fully committed to his team.

But Beckham's arrival was a milestone and a launching pad for MLS. Plain and simple. His arrival led to the designated player rule, and brought money to the league that it would have taken years - if not longer - to earn otherwise.

You don't have to like him. But as you watch the montage below, I'd think that you can at least respect what he did in his time in the United States.