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10 can’t-miss events to celebrate Philly Beer Week 2016

The venerable Philly Beer Week arrives June 3 for 2016, and it’s bringing copious amounts of boozy events and brews with it across an extensive 10-day run.

The venerable Philly Beer Week arrives June 3, and it's bringing boozy events and brews with it across an extensive 10-day run.

With events running the gamut from pub crawls and tap takeovers to beer-themed game shows and block parties, planning for the week can get a little overwhelming. Fear not of missing out, though — we are here to help.

Below, our picks for some of the coolest, can't-miss events for Philly Beer Week 2016. Drink up, folks:

[CAL_INFO]6 p.m., Friday, The Fillmore29 E. Allen St., Tickets: $45/$92[/CAL_INFO]

This PBW16 kickoff event features the debut of Brotherly Suds 7 and Fire, Flood & Plague — two special, collaborative brews from local beermakers. Plus, you can't beat seeing the Hammer of Glory in its natural habitat.

Noon, Saturday, The Navy Yard4747 S. Broad St., Tickets: $46/$75[/CAL_INFO]

One of the week's few events to rival Opening Tap is the Great Beer Expo, returning for its eighth year with more than 125 brews from 60-plus breweries. Proceeds from the day will go to the Committee to Benefit the Children, which helps provide care for kids suffering from cancer and blood disorders.

[CAL_INFO]11 a.m., Sunday, Various bars (spanning from Garage to Palladino's), Free[/CAL_INFO]

Thirteen East Passyunk bars (POPE, Stogie Joe's, Birra, Palladino's, Bottle Shop, Noir, Bing Bing, Le Virtu, Lucky 13, Fond, Plenty, Brigantessa, Garage) run 13 hours worth of events for Craft Beer Day, which also happens to coincide with the neighborhood's Italian National Day Street Festival. But missing Bing Bing's pig roast with Tired Hands? Fuhgeddaboutit.

[CAL_INFO]7 p.m., Monday, June 6, Jose Pistola's263 S. 15th St.Tickets: $25/$35[/CAL_INFO]

Join Nancy Rigberg and George Hummel of the lauded Home Sweet Homebrew and Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione to decide the city's best homebrewer. Dreams will be realized, and hopes will be dashed — deliciously.

[CAL_INFO]9 p.m., Thursday, June 9, The Good King Tavern614 S. 7th St., Free[/CAL_INFO]

Join Brooklyn Brewery for an evening of French- and Mediterranean-inspired street food classics — i.e., hot dogs topped with tapenade — and the beers to match. You won't be afraid to leave the stoop; you just won't want to.

[CAL_INFO]7 p.m., Thursday, June 9, Frankford Hall1210 Frankford Ave., Tickets: $10[/CAL_INFO]

TV's Marc Summers returns to Philly once again for this PBW classic. Take the '90s Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, add (a lot of) beer, and you've got the picture. This year, Victory, Yards, Bell's, and Schöfferhofer compete.

[CAL_INFO]4 p.m., Thursday, June 9, Bartram's Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd.Tickets: $15[/CAL_INFO]

Weyerbacher Brewing hosts this aquatic event featuring a day of kayaking and rowing in the Schuylkill. Not all attendees will make it out on the river, but landlocked folks can look forward to food from Baby Blues BBQ.

[CAL_INFO]8 p.m., Friday, June 10, Craftsman Row Saloon112 S. 8th St., Free[/CAL_INFO]

Test your vocal might at this karaoke competition from the folks at Evil Genius Beer. No stage fright here: Evil Genius judges promise to provide plenty of "liquid courage" to keep relaxation — and, presumably, decibel — levels high.

[CAL_INFO]Noon, Saturday, June 11, Frankford Avenue, Girard Ave. to Master St., Free[/CAL_INFO]

Johnny Brenda's is a focus at this annual street festival, and they'll be serving up pulled pork, soft shelled crab, and sides all day. Beer this year is from Flying Fish, Yards, and River Horse, among others.

[CAL_INFO]2 p.m., Sunday, June 12, Alla Spina, 1410 Mt. Vernon St., Free[/CAL_INFO]

On PBW16's final day, Big Gay Ice Cream and Viceland host/chef Matty Matheson head up a Goose Island-sponsored farewell. Yes, the brewery may belong to Anheuser-Busch, but street food from Vice's funniest correspondent is too good to pass up.