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Jonnyrabbit's Top 10 Philly bars of 2010

Johnnyrabbit of Anmlhse tells us his favorite bars to hit up when it's time to get your drink on.

Johnnyrabbit of Anmlhse tells us his favorite bars to hit up when it's time to get your drink on.

10. Grey's Lounge - 132 Chestnut Street
If my crew is feeling a little upscale, we head out to this place in Old City to get wild. Not to mention our friend hooks us up at the bar.

9. The Foodery - 837 North 2nd Street
This is less so a bar and more so exactly what it's called. There are hundreds of drinks including ale, cider, and beer along with a relaxed sitting area to take a load off and chit chat after your purchase.

8. McGillins Olde Ale House - 1310 Drury Street
Right around the corner from The Art Institute and into a back alley, McGillins is probably the oldest bar in Philadelphia and the best Irish pub I've been in. Try their wings if you ever head here. This is the place to be on St Patty's Day.

7. The Crocodile - 110 Chestnut Street
Another upscale location in Old City. The drinks aren't your typical in-the-cut bar prices, but a free personal pizza is offered with every drink. How's that for service?

6. Raven Lounge - 1718 Sansom Street
Home to the well-known weekly Tuesday Superdope by DJ Phsh and Fame, this place brings in a lot of diverse characters and cheap beer.

5. South Philadelphia Tap Room - 1509 Mifflin Street
The food is amazing and the beer list has variety. Instead of the usual beer choices, you'll find local brews and rare national selections. I suggest the steak fries and the Kenzinger beer if you ever travel down south.

4. Medusa's Lounge - 21st and Chestnut Street
Home to our previous First Friday events, this place is great if you are into a mixture of electro, hip-hop, and trance. For drink specials, try out the $5 combo of Jager shot and a 16oz PBR.

3. PYT Philly - 1050 North Hancock Street
This is home to our well respected Jungle Juice events in their backroom. During the winter, you can relax in their outdoor heated tent, while vibing to a second house DJ and some of your favorite drinks. This place also serves as a restaurant with an amazing following for their burgers of the week.

2. Mako's - 301 South Street
My friends and I head here very often for meetings and the gritty South street scenery during their 6-10pm happy hours. They have everyday bums that become everyday characters putting on a show for everyone with their jukebox selections. 69 cent Miller High Lifes and a bucket of wings are key choices.

1. Silk City Diner - 435 Spring Garden Street
This place is home to the weekly Thursday's Mo Money No Problems with DJ Sammy Slice, DJ Cool Hand Luke, and TuPhace. You can bump into plenty of A-List locals here while enjoying some great food choices in their diner and outdoor bar.

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