It's 11:55 PM on New Year's Eve, everyone is gearing up for their midnight kiss with that special someone, and you're sitting there with a glass full of champagne and no one to lock lips with. Although it's only a 30 second ordeal, some people just can't stomach the thought of having nobody to kiss on NYE. If you're one of those people, relax -  here are 5 things to do if you don't have a New Year's Eve kiss:

1. Make out with yourself like Justin Bieber did last year

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars in the world, yet last year he had no one to kiss and did he mope around about it? Nope. He made out with his own arm. Problem solved.

2. Call your boyfriend/girlfriend that "couldn't make it".

When the clock strikes 12, give your fake boyfriend/girlfriend a call and wish them a happy new year. No one has to know that you're really calling your mom.

3. Sabotage another couple

If you can't kiss somebody, nobody can! Just before midnight, jump in between the most nauseating couple at the party and give them both a big squeeze. Whoops!

4. Find a noise maker

If you don't have a person to kiss, plant those lips on a party horn. Sure, it will draw attention to you, but it's better than hiding in the bathroom.

5. Seize the day

Grab that creeper by the bar that's been eyeing you up all night and lay one on him/her. I mean, 2012 is the year of YOLO, right?