Before Santa takes all of his trusted reindeer around the globe Christmas Eve, join the pack Thursday, December 20th as they throw down big time at the annual Fairmount Reindeer Romp. The party is now celebrating its 15th glorious year.

For $10 and a small toy, you will get a sexy pair of antlers (sexier to others after several drinks), that alert participating bars that you are part of the romp. There are over ten participating Art Museum venues, including Green Room, Urban Saloon, and the wonderful Bishop's Collar.

So take hold of that holiday spirit and gallop to the most festive bar crawl that ever was. There will be drink specials all night ($3 Sam Adams), so after a few stops, you'll be glowing just as bright as Rudolph's nose.

This fantastic pub-crawl is sponsored by Sam Adams and For more information, click here.