Although winter break is coming, that doesn't mean learning is out of the question. Starting on Saturday, Dec. 27 through Tuesday, Dec. 30 the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway) hosts All-Star Days — a four-day exclusive experience where guests can get up close to some animals, and experience special stage performances, hands-on science exhibitions, screenings, dinosaur crafts and more. Each day highlights a specific topic. Here are the list of happenings throughout the special. If a time is not listed with each event, this means it is reoccurring throughout the day.

Saturday, Dec. 27 - Dino Day

The museum goes prehistoric for the day, when everything dinosaur is highlighted. Activities start at 1 p.m.

Discover what makes a dinosaur categorized as a dinosaur during a detective class where you can put your skills to the test and figure out what fossils are real, and what happened to specific creatures throughout their presence on earth. Location: Auditorium. Starts at 1 p.m.

If you think you mastered the detective class, dig a little deeper with a closer look into fossil discovery by figuring out what is a fossil and a rock, (it's harder than you think) and try some new scientific offers the museum brings. Location: Dinosaur Hall.

Tired of fossils yet? I hope not. Guests can touch real fossils (no fake ones here) and get interactive with a dinosaur puzzle. Location: North American Hall.

Does a chicken have the same eggs as a raptor? Discover prehistoric dinosaur eggs and nests as you compare and contrast them to eggs of today. Location: African Hall.

Get artsy with a creative workshop where you can create your own Tyrannosaurus Rex and learn more about the dino as you create it. Location: Bird Classroom.

Sunday, Dec. 28 - Live Animal Day

Extinct animals were so yesterday, now it's existing animals' turn to take the stage.

Find out what's so interesting about insects, bugs, and more during "Creepy Crawlies" on stage. Location: Auditorium. Starts at 1 p.m.

Experience the academy's smaller inhabitants during a wide-ranging display of feathers, fur, skeletons, and more. Not only will the latest technology get you closer than ever before, but live animals will be around to interact with, too. Location: Dinosaur Hall.

Meet a select few of the animals that occupy the academy and learn more about their background and their relatives who live in the wild. Location: Auditorium.

Although not moving around like the other animals, visitors can check out the 37 dioramas of animals portrayed in their natural habitat. These habitats cover a wide range of locations, too. From tigers in Asia to antelopes on the African Plains, this exhibit is full of fantastic features. Location: North American Hall.

Watch animals let loose in an exercise pen as their caretaker will be on the spot answering any questions that you may have. Location: African Hall. Starts at noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m.

Become a lion or any animal you desire with mask-making arts and crafts class offered in the building. Location: Bird Classroom.

At 2 p.m., get an in-depth look at one of the academy's creatures during an interactive story about them. Location: Outside In.

Monday, Dec. 29 - Bird and Bug Day

The aviators and dirt diggers get the spotlight at the academy during the third installment of All-Star Days.

Besides beaks, feathers are one of the most dominant features birds have. Learn about the functions of birds' feathers and check out many types throughout a microscope. Location: Dinosaur Hall.

Discover what the peck is up as you learn about the functions of a beak and snack on a bird buffet. After you're done soaring through the exhibit, check out a class all about arthropods and see what it takes to be considered a bug. Location: North American Hall.

Learn what it's like to not have a spine during an educational class about the invertebrates who reside in the building. Hey, not only will you learn about these creatures, some will be in attendance, too! Location: African Hall.

Get those hands to work with an art class featuring an insect and a feathered creature. Maybe a butterfly? Find out and see. Location: Bird Classroom.

Tuesday, Dec. 30 - Weird Things in a Jar Day

The museum has some pretty weird things inside of it. Come for the final day off All-Star Week and find out what's living in the museums jars.

While this show will not feature a jarred item, it will be weird indeed. Visitors can check out the academy's animals and watch them perform no- so-common tricks we see every day. Location: Auditorium at 1 p.m.

Find out how scientists discover hard-to see items with a closer look at specimens. Location: Dinosaur Hall.

Want to see everything the building has jarred up? Watch out, you may get a little grossed out, but hey — it's science. Location: North American Hall and African Hall.

Finally, find out if you're the weirdest weirdo with this fun craft class. Location: Bird Classroom.

Besides all these special events happening throughout the four days, each day at 2 p.m. visit "Outside In" located in the building for an interactive story themed with the day and animal.