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Hanitape Sillicone Casette Wallet

Philadelphia boutique Omoi Zakka has got a lot of really great things in stock. Their range of accessories is bright and amusing, and this wallet from Hanitape is no different.

A wallet is a funny thing for most men. Some guys chose very pricey wallets and take very good care of them. These men are usually in the minority. Let's face it guys, we're pretty hard on the items we use every day, which is why most guys wallets are either pretty out dated, or worn out. Here is a great new option for a very reasonable price.

The Hanitape wallet is a silicone wallet that is styled like an old cassette. It comes in a small assortment of bright colors, and the best thing about it is, since it's got a squeeze open and closure, you can throw it around as much as you want and nothing will fall out! The Hanitape wallet is available in stores and online from Omoi Zakka Shop.


MONDAY: Noon to 7
TUES-SAT: 11 to 7
SUNDAY: Noon to 6

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