Nothing says a Phillies game like dollar dog night. At every barbeque, I'm always up for eating as many hot dogs as I can, its just something about those franks that always makes me fill my plate up. To my delight, next month on South Street there is going to be a restaurant entirely devoted to one item on the menu. You guessed it, hot dogs! Hot Diggity will be a new restaurant on South Street that will be serving up hot dogs for all of Philadelphia.

Created by South Jersey resident, Keith Garabedian and his three friends from high school, Garabedian selected 10 hot dogs that were inspired by regions throughout the US.  Since I have never ventured outside of the tri-state area to eat a hot dog, I can only imagine how the Chicago and Seattle franks will be. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Hot Diggity will also feature hand cut fries with delicious dipping sauces such as roasted garlic rosemary aioli, chipotle mayo and black peppercorn ranch (aka perfection for fries). I'm looking forward to June and the hopeful opening of the Hot Diggity restaurant.

To check out the entire story and artwork head to [mealticket] for the full post.

Hot Diggity. 630 South Street.

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