I really don’t know what to say right now. When I was younger, someone at a Thursday show (circa 2002-ish?) told me to go out and buy Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate. I did. Thank god, I did. I listened to the record back and forth and got into music like Mineral and Texas Is The Reason, amazing bands that have changed the course of alternative music (and the lives of many). It all started for me, with SDRE.
Years and thousands of rumors later, Sunny Day Real Estate is back together. After one show announcement earlier today, a tour has been confirmed. October 1st, SDRE will be at the Trocadero. Really. Wow. Read that sentence again, it feels good.
The tour starts September 17th and two days prior, SubPop will be reissuing the two albums the original lineup recorded. Diary and LP2 will have bonus tracks and new liner notes. Long time coming.
Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10am. Be psyched, and see you there.

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