We've all heard at one time or another that laughter is the best medicine or other sayings along those lines, but the Philadelphia Comedy Collective really takes it to heart every November. Putting the Philadelphia Improv Festival and Philly Sketchfest under one collective laughter-filled umbrella, we get Comedy Month Philadelphia.

The first portion of the month is devoted to the Philadelphia Improv Festival, bringing improvisational groups from around the country to the Figment Theater (1219 Vine St.), on the first and second floor of the Asian Arts Initiative building, for nightly shows from Tuesday, Nov. 4 through Saturday, Nov. 8.

Starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 6:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, expect the unexpected (this is improv after all) from troupes like Boston's Face Off, Popular Science hailing from Los Angeles, New York City's Wicked City, Mr. Beaver from Chicago and lots of locals like The N Crowd, Witch Academy, Triple Double, The Five Four Three, Wisdom Teeth and others.

The next portion of comedic goodness comes with Philly Sketchfest, equally as funny and entertaining — only scripted. Still taking place at Figment Theater (1219 Vine St.), this portion of Comedy Month runs from Tuesday, Nov. 11 through Saturday, Nov. 15.

All shows begin at 8 p.m. beginning with the Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia Contest on Tuesday. Sketch groups performing throughout the week include University of Pennsylvania's all-female musical group Bloomers, The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie, and Friends of Gertrude.

While there's plenty of month left for laughs, the remainder of the month is devoted to City Spotlight, with independent shows taking place all over the city. So while some shows may not be commissioned by Comedy Month Philadelphia, doesn't mean you should count out the good times.

Some local clubs and theaters where you can get giggles throughout the month include Helium Comedy Club (2031 Sansom St.) Philly Improv Theater and ComedySportz at the Adrienne Theater (2030 Sansom St.) and many more.