Check out the latest from Philly-based, Suzi Analog. She's put out a handful of new mixes in the past few months that are available for the price of "free".

First up, we've got the Analogue Monsta Mix Parts 1 & 2. Both mixes feature self-written and produced tracks from Suzi. They include current and up-coming tracks, as well as some odd-ball experimental tunes that are quite a treat for the ears. Download Mix 1 & Mix 2

Next up we have COVRS 3, a collection of covers re-produced by the artist. Suzi says, "Making covers is like exercise for me." And they are beautifully done. Tracks include Trick Daddy's "I'm A Thug" (listen below), The Strokes' "Is This It?," and Radiohead's "You And Whose Army". I can't stress how much I love these covers. They've been re-touched and done up in a totally unique matter. If you're looking for something new yet familiar to spice up your iTunes, COVERS 3" is just what you need. Download "COVRS 3"

And finally, you can now pre-order Miss Analougue's up-coming 7" titled NNXT.

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