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Louis Vuitton "creatures" emerge

Louis Vuitton has once again teamed up with another celebrated name in the art community, Billie Achilleos. The artist was chosen for the collaboration to make animal sculptures to celebrate the labels introduction of it's Mon Monogram services.

The famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton is perhaps one of the most widely recognized design houses in the universe. While the house may be quite old (it was founded in 1854), it still manages to stay young and fresh via its talented design team which is headed by Marc Jacobs. The Vuitton fashion house is also well known for collaborating with talented artists, like Billie Achilleos.

Most recently, Vuitton commissioned Billie Achilleos to design Louis Vuitton "creatures." These creatures are various animals that are comprised of Vuitton small leather goods. Multiple types of leather, trim and hardware were used to craft some really magical sculptures. The team at Vuitton tapped the artist to design these pieces to celebrate the release of their Mon Monogram service for their small leather goods collection.

Included are images of the armadillo, beaver, chameleon and grasshopper. These creatures won't be for sale, but what a collector's item if there ever was one.

Via Billie Achilleos

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