On Friday, May 17th, Drexel's award winning Mad Dragon Records celebrates a whole decade of being one of the most awesome student run labels on the planet.

The celebration will take place at The Trocadero with live performances from label bands Cheers Elephant, Hoots & Hellmouth, Kuf Knotz, Andrew Lipke and the Prospects, Matt Duke and Wild Rompit.

They will also be releasing a 10th Anniversary compilation featuring released and unreleased music from bands that have recorded for and at the label. Discs will be free at the show and become available for purchase after.

You can purchase tickets for the event, here.

MDR 10th Anniversary Compilation
1. Hoots & Hellmouth- You & All of Us (from the Holy Open Secret)
2. Matt Duke- Tidal Waves (from Winter Child)
3. Andrew Lipke & The Prospects- Get It Over With (from Motherpearl & Dynamite)
4. Kuf Knotz- Fame Us (from Boombox Generation)
5. The Redwalls – Modern Diet (from The Redwalls)
6. Motion City Soundtrack- Severance (from Making Moves)
7. A Great Big Pile of Leaves- Writing Utensils (from Making Moves)
8. Goldrush- Settle Down (from Making Moves)
9. The Skies Revolt- For Your Health (from Making Moves)
10. The Company We Keep- Right/Wrong (from Making Moves)
11. The Swimmers – Hundred Hearts (from People Are Soft)
12. Toy Soldiers – Throw Me Down (from Whisper Down the Lane)
13. Trisha O’Keefe- Never Enough (from Star Burns Brightest)
14. Jules Shear- Used To It (from Dreams Don’t Count)
Bonus Tracks – New Tracks – Previously Unreleased by MAD Dragon Artists
15. Hoots & Hellmouth- Off to Sea (previously unreleased)
16. Kuf Knotz- Runnin’ (previously unreleased)
17. Matt Duke- Dead Meat (previously unreleased)
18. Andrew Lipke- The Old Man and the Sea (previously unreleased)
19. Andrew Gray- Take It Easy (previously unreleased)
20. Sean Hoots- Boy of Leaf (previously unreleased)