Tonight, Masthead Print Studio will host the closing of their collaborative show, Public School.

Featuring over 20 screen printers, graffiti artists, graphic designers and illustrators that are paired up to bring us their new creations. The curators chose each pair with the main objective being "Unlikely Combination's", much like when you were in school and told to work with a stranger. Work will be featured by Shawn Hileman/ Adam Smith, JP Flexner/ El Toro, Rob Leef/ Michael Smith from NOM NOW, Edward Kelley/ Mr.G, Steven Speir/ Hilary White, Anni Altshuler/ Jason from Brainstorm, Dietrich Meyer / Bradford Haubrich, Mikey Burton/ Tim Gough, James Heimer / Sam Heimer, Briana from Brainstorm/ Leah Mackin.

Curated by JP Flexner and Shawn Hileman.

Friday, December 17th
Masthead Print Studio
340 Brown St
6 pm - 10 pm

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