It was cool inside the tent at The Roots Picnic. Pattern Is Movement just performed (mind you an hour late, not their fault) and we were front row center waiting for the boys of Das Racist to hit the stage. The goofy Brooklyn two-some, Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez accompanied by hype-man Ashok Kondabolu, hung out by the side of the stage drinking Yuengling and messing around like 10 year old brothers while they waited for their cue.

As soon as it seemed like the sound check was complete and the performance was about to begin, the group realized that one of their members had wandered off. This added to another fifteen minute wait for the crowd. Finally the missing member was found wandering around the grounds and appeared drunker than ever (pictured above).

They began right away with "Who's That Brown?", an infectious bass induced song with a catchy hook. They were a sloppy mess for the first two songs but then they somewhat got they're act together and carried out an, if anything, entertaining performance. Their antics included: bouncing and rolling all over stage, climbing onto everything, knocking over speakers, throwing a mic stand into the crowd, and kissing the girls in the front row's hands.

Of course, they ended their performance with internet hit "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" which they proudly stated, "This is the first rap song we ever wrote!" Das Racist are a hilarious group of guys who just want to have fun and rap bout silly stuff like cheeseburgers, girls, partying, and nonsense.

If you enjoyed these guys, or what to hear more, download their newest mixtape/album "Shut Up Dude", from Mishka NYC. It's free!

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