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Rashad R's Top 5 Ballers of 2010

Phrequency intern Rashad Rastam gives us his top 5 ballers of 2010.

Phrequency intern Rashad Rastam gives us his top 5 ballers of 2010.

5. 50 Cent - Didn't do much this year... but go on his Twitter. Hilarious.

4. Mark Zuckerburg - Without this guy, we wouldn't know what you were doing with your so called... busy life. Having status updates such as how you were just cleaning your room to "aw man, crazy hangover..", how you cant live without 4Loko, and the reason why I can't get shit done is because of FACEBOOK! Yup, you can blame the CEO/President/Creator of the social networking site, Facebook on how you wasted beautiful outdoor time, for online time.

Zuckerburg was recently named TIME's, Person of the Year and Hollywood also made a movie about him called The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg. Come on now, don't you wish you were that guy? Sorry Tom (from Myspace) for not making the cut. Better luck... sometime this… no.

3. Wiz Khalifa – Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa, has been killing it with his mixtapes such as Star Power, Burn After Rolling, and Kush and Orange Juice... and they finally paid off. The Rostrum Records signee stepped up to Warner Bros and Atlantic Records and is releasing a new album in 2011. Except the one incident that happened with the feds because of the main theme in his tracks, Khalifa manages to forget about the past and still rock his Pittsburgh pride. Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.

2. Diddy – Diddy is back son. His latest album Last Train to Paris with the Dirty Money crew makes you want to roll in dirty money. Well not exactly. But that is pretty baller. Diddy's R&B hip hop group, Diddy Dirty Money, has made an album consisting of special guests such as Swizz Beats, Drake, T.I. and many more that apparently was three years in the making. Diddy announced on CNN that he plans to open up a business school in New York... I wonder how you get in? Do they have a "must be at least this baller" status to be selected? Diddy has been promoting the product Ciroc vodka with his smooth commercials, going to parties that have his vodka wherever he ventures to, having his record company Bad Boy Records, and promotes his clothing line Sean John (that still is a clothing line right? FUBU).

1. Aziz Ansari - RAAAAANDY! Aziz has been making moves all year! From Human Giant to Parks and Recreation, Aziz is most known for being hilarious as %^&*! Earlier this year, Aziz dropped his new DVD Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening which had a most remarkable praise for. "Harris's senior quote would be: TNT KNOWS DRAMA." Aziz hosted the 2010 MTV Movie Awards with an opening spoof of the film Precious. If you happen to miss the MTV Movie Awards, I say you should find it online and just watch all of Aziz's spoofs. This past summer, Aziz began his Dangerously Delicious Tour and stopped by the Tower Theater. Aziz also happened to stop by the Kung Fu Necktie in Northern Liberties as well. You go Aziz, and never stop doing your classic acts with your hands flying in the air in which you look like you talk like an Italian... but that's actually how you are.