'Tis the season for ugly holiday sweater contests and having three too many glasses of eggnog and making a fool of yourself at the holiday party. And, while we can't help that you spent the evening bitching to Joan from accounting about the rest of your co-workers, we can help with the ugly sweater part because a NASA scientist has designed one that has a digital fireplace.

Mark Rober worked as a NASA rocket scientist for nine years. He spent most of that time working on the Mars Curiosity rover. Yeah, that vehicle navigating the terrain of the Red Planet and sending photos back home to break the Internet. Now, though, he's designed a sweater that includes a pouch for your smartphone. When you download the corresponding app, you can turn your sweater into a fireplace.

Other options include a creeper Santa and (duh) a kitten.

Mr Rober said he has had a really good reaction to the new jumper designs, including over 25,000 views of the YouTube video showcasing the designs, which he released on Monday.

He said: 'My favourite is the creepy Santa one - I really like it. It's the creepy factor is subtle until you really look at it.

'Nothing is as cool as building spaceships but there is something satisfying with getting an email from a customer that says "I've never given as many high fives as I did last night wearing your shirt."' [Daily Mail]